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01. Adopt or Foster

Most people don’t understand the difference between adopting and fostering so if you are in that group, you aren’t alone! When you foster a pet you are helping prepare them for their forever homes. This can be an integral step in the rehabilitation of an animal who is just getting out of a bad situation. People who choose to adopt, on the other hand, are taking on full responsibility of the future and well being of the animal. We rely on both types of people to be successful in our mission.

Show Up

02. Be a Volunteer

Volunteers are important because they play a large part in the rescue. Are you a resourceful, reliable, resilient individual who is motivated to make a difference in the lives of animals and people? Then join the team striving to ensure a loving home for every unwanted animal, affordable medical care for every sick or injured animal, an end to animal abuse and cruelty, and stronger bonds between animals and people through education and training. 

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03. Make a Donation

They continue to suffer in puppy mills, research labs, dogfighting rings, factory farms and shelters. You can help me fight for them. Please start your monthly donation, or make a one-time gift, today. 

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04. Spread the Word

Animal welfare advocates promote humane treatment for all animals and educate the public about the ways that animals are abused, neglected or mistreated. They propose ways to improve conditions for animals and teach the public about the proper care of animals. Advocates must possess in-depth knowledge about their cause, and a passion to inform and influence people. Advocates and volunteers can use their free time to show support. You can use social networking to share and network as well as many other forums to share and educate others. 

Everything Is Appreciated

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Monetary Donations towards vet Bills can be made directly to vet.
Please request info if needed. 

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